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Our Team

Dimitris Kontantakos

Dimitris Konstantakos

CEO and founder of Deep Excavation LLC, Adjunct NYU Professor MIT, Master in Engineering.

Juan Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez

25 years of Creative Experience, Senior Production Designer, Digital Imaging Specialist, Illustrator at Walt Disney World.

Harold J. Krent

Harold J. Krent

(Chairman of Board of Directors), Former Dean for the Chicago-Kent College of Lawin the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Todd rumberger

Todd Rumberger

Legal Counsel, Partner, WilmerHale,  Partner and Vice Chairman of Private Equity & Venture Capital Group, JD at the University of Florida, LL.M., International Business Law at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Hugh Brennan

Hugh Brennan

(Interim CEO &CFO), Former Lt. Colonel, CFO to Multiple  Private Companies, MAFM Keller Graduate School of Management,  Devry University.

Manny Singh

Manny Singh

Corporate Evangelist, President, Law Offices of Manny Singh, President First Bankers Capital,   J.D., Law, Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law, B.B.A, Marketing, Florida Atlantic University.

Edward Schiappa

Edward Schiappa

(Advisory Board), MIT Professor & Former Communication Chair, Expert in Digital Rhetoric.

Elena K. Singh

Elena K. Singh.

(Co-Founder Eurasia), Finance and Economics Major from the University of Moscow, 6 years of Private Banking, 3 Years of Digital Marketing, Fluent Russian & English.

Gui Hada

Gui Hada

(Latam Founder), Data Analytics Manager, Campaign180 LLC, Bachelor of Science in Finance Student, Florida State University.

Kwan King Ng

Kwan King (Ken) Ng

(Asia Founder), Vice President of Technology at a Leading Firm. Worked in Global Firms Such as PWC, HP and Accenture.

Eva Mantziou

Eva Mantziou

(Europe Founder), Took a Gaming Company Public in Europe. Founder of Polish Incubator  (MIT Ace Graduate). An Advisory to MIT Executive Program. #Ranked as One of The Most Influential Women in Poland.

Charles G. Mwangi

Charles G. Mwangi

(Africa Founder), Content Creator. Director of Content Services at Campaign180 LLC. B. Ed (Arts), Kenyatta University.

Nicolle Lafosse

Nicolle Lafosse Esq.

(Interim VP of NFT's) Crypto NFT expert, Honduras Lawyer, USA DC barred Lawyer, Web3 attorney at Lafosse Law, Active crypto and NFT speaker.

Dr. Chiranjee Kathuiria

Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria

(International Board Member), Co-Chairman at UpHealth, Inc., Chairman at The AIRO Group, Inc., Executive Chairman & co-founder Ocean Biomedical, MBA Stanford & MD, Brown University.

Chase Fopiano

Chase Fopiano

(Interim Cyber Security Officer), Founder & Director CyberTech Analytics, Cyber Security Expert, Active Ft. Lauderdale & Homelands Security Officer, Adjunct Professor at Texas University in CyberSecurity, Bachelors in Criminology at Florida State University, Masters in Security Management at American Public University System.

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We Help Brands Easily Share Their Messages with Our Influencers in The Following Ways:

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Sponsored Content & Reviews.

We work with like-minded brands to promote products that improve people's lives. We believe in what we do, and we're passionate about making a difference.

Competions and giveaways

Competitions and Giveaways.

Looking to boost engagement and excitement for your brand? We'll help you create a campaign that will engage and excite your audience, while also helping you build powerful connections with key influencers.

Product collaborations with influencers

Product Collaborations.

We connect brands with the right influencers for product collaborations. We have a vast network of influencers who are eager to work with brands and we'll make sure that your collaboration is a success.

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Long-term Ambassadors.

How do you get people to love your brand? By getting them involved! We can help you find and engage passionate brand ambassadors who will spread the good word about your company far and wide.

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Our Exciting Journey.

The path to where we are today has been challenging, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

September 2022

Testing and Beta signup will be completed in Miami, Florida and the company will be open for business on October 1st, 2022.

April 2022

socialpaymeTM launches aninformal “beta signup” website and formalizes a worldwide stellar management team.

October 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic alters the business world in unprecedented and historic ways around the world. With the new reality, brands and businesses grapple with the implications of the virus and how to market to a “locked down” world.

February 2021

Non-Fungible Token marketplaces are thriving, led by OpenSea and SuperRare gaining ground. On-boarding into the NFT ecosystem has become easier with Web3 wallets, like Metamask. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey's first-ever tweet was sold for the equivalent of $2.9m (£2.1m) to a Malaysia-based businessman in the form of an NFT.

November 2019

The FTC published a non-binding disclosure guide in November 2019 to help influencers and brands clearly communicate about any relationships and sponsorships to their followers and hold them both accountable for online promotions within social media platforms.

October 2018

Influencer Marketing becomes mainstream as a growing industry. Instagram reaches 1 billion users and becomes an advertising powerhouse and Google receives 61,000 queries for “influencer marketing” in one month.

August 2017

The 10th anniversary of the (#) hashtag was proposed by Chris Messina. Little did he know that the ‘hashtag’ would become one of the most used and recognizable features of social media platforms worldwide. CryptoKitties, a blockchain-based virtual game that allows players to adopt, breed, and trade virtual cats from the safety of their wallets is born.

July 2016

Donald Trump's digital rhetoric, via Tweets started making communication history. Where the medium is overshadowed by the messenger. Twitter is given credit for rising of the first US President, who never held public office before, and for disrupting the way future politicians communicate worldwide with their followers.

May 2015

socialpaymeTM is conceptually born! Why we don’t get rewarded for our social media posts?


Frequently Asked Questions

What is socialpaymeTM?

socialpaymeTM is launching as an NFT influencer marketplace. Using socialpaymeTM, you'll be able to create, buy and trade NFT collectibles with ease.

How can I join the waitlist?

To join the waitlist, enter your email address in the waitlist section above. Once that's done, you will be first among thousands to receive notifications and early access to the NFTs at launch.

Why should I sign up to the waitlist?

socialpaymeTM is giving you a shot at receiving one of the thousands of the exclusive airdrop NFTs on launch.

How Can I Improve My Waitlist Rank?

It's simple. Have more of your friends join through your referral link. Every time someone joins the waitlist using your referral link, your rank improves. If you're among the 10,000 best ranked inviters, you'll be part of our exclusive airdrop.

How Many People Can I Refer?

As many people as you can. There's no limit. The more you can refer, the better your chances are to be among the top 10,000 inviters. We help by tracking the number of people you've referred and displaying on your account.

How Can I Join the socialpaymeTM Community?

To engage with our team and to get announcements and updates in real-time, join our community on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

What is Payola in Influencer Marketing?

Payola is the illegal practice of providing and accepting undisclosed payments for promoting products. The Company will launch an e-book, “Payola in the Digital Era,” on its website.

How will socialpaymeTM Pay Influencers?

Transactions % between the brand and influencer will be distributed by socialpaymeTM algorithm of performance and reward.

Where will socialpaymeTM Launch First?

The Company will expand its reach, city by city, throughout the United States and later globally.

Harold J. Krent


Your online success starts with a great social media strategy. We are a social media strategy agency dedicated to keeping you a step ahead of competition and at the cutting edge of the social media world.

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